Avatar Review by a teenage dog… priceless!

Apparently this was done by a single artist using Lightwave for the rendering. I couldn’t find more info about it, but I’m sure the artist behind this will reveal him/herself in the upcoming days…. It’s so awesome!


Ode to Summer: a film by Ron Hui

I just discovered this really delightful short: Ode to Summer by Ron Hui. It was presented at Siggraph in 2003 and showcases a shader to render 3D as if it was a traditional chinese painting. It is truly amazing and so beautiful. I would really love to be able to play around with that shader… One more thing to add to my to do list: learn to write shaders… 😉

For more information about it here are a few links:

  • the website of the production company: GDC IDMT (Institute of Digital Media Technology Shenzhen Ltd)
  • the CGTalk thread about the research and making of .

Oscar nominations: thoughts and predictions

It’s that time of year again! 🙂 Even though it’s been quite some time since I’ve stayed up all night to watch the ceremony, I still find it pretty exciting. Sooo… let’s see whats in store for 2009… List of nominees.

A lot of films haven’t come out here yet but I hope I’ll be able to catch some of them before the ceremony. Out of the 10 nominees for Best Piture, I only saw Up, Avatar,District 9 and Inglourious Basterds. I didn’t really like Basterds apart from the amazing performance of Christoph Waltz (my choice for Best Supporting Actor). It’s definitely not Tarantino at it’s best. District 9 was intersting, lots of good ideas, but I found it still a bit clumsy. Really happy Up got a Best Picture nomination and not just a Best Animated Feature. It definitely deserves it. It might even deserve to win it! I am torn between Avatar and Up. I love them for such different reasons. UP got me on an emotional level. I cried and laughed so much. It’s just a great story. Avatar on the other hand is stunning visually. It introduced me to a whole new and incredible world. But as a movie, as a film, as a story, it wasn’t as strong.

If Up get’s Best Picture, The Secret of Kells is my second choice for Best Animated Feature. I saw it in Annecy last summer and really loved it’s unique style. The graphics are so charming and original.

Only 3 nominees for VFX is a bit short this year: 2012 and Transformers really deserved a nod. But in the end Avatar outdoes them all!

3D/Art To do list

I love lists. I make lists for nearly everything: to do lists, to try lists, to see lists, to buy lists, … Currently this is my 3D/art related list:

  • Take part in a 3d challenge and finish it before the deadline
  • Start Brambley Hedge inspired project
  • Learn Houdini
  • Learn Z brush
  • Go to figure drawing classes

Yeah I know… it’ s pretty ambitious. I have no idea how I’ll find the time to finish even one of these projects. Work is pretty crazy: two different projects going on, one due on the 12th, the other on the 24th. I’m rarely out of the office before 8pm. I also have dance rehearsals or courses 4 times a week and Pilates.  Half of my friends and family are born in January/Febuar, so social events are plenty as well… and the weather and snow conditions are awesome, which makes spending the day whoop whoop whooping on a ski slope instead of getting stuff done VERY tempting… 😉

But… I am determined to get things moving! I’m going to try to concentrate on just one project. The drawing class I used to go to is the same day as my dance rehearsal so I won’t be able to attend until after the performance. The B-movie challenge on CGSociety seemed like a good opportunity but I won’t get enough time on it because of our trip to Australia… sooo… I think I will choose Z-brush. Also, it’s a skill I might need for work in the near future and it will definitely help for the Brambley Hedge project (btw: I’ll post more on that soon…).