AVATAR: a whole new experience

Finally got to see Avatar last week….  Thanks to the swine flu or whatever virus kept me in bed during the holidays, I couldn’t drag myself into a theater before. Mind you, I wasn’t THAT excited: the trailers didn’t look too amazing and the story seemed so bland and predictable.  The first reviews caught my attention though. Avatar giving you the same feeling as the original star wars (roger ebert’s review)… could it be that good??? I had to find out for myself. Besides, I had heard of the project for soooo long, I was curious to finally discover what Cameron had come up with.

And I must say… man did he deliver! … It was breathtaking, totally amazing, WOW… just WOW! Do I think this movie is perfect? Definitely not. To me, the story is at the very least unoriginal, the dialogues will not go down as the best lines in the history of cinema, there are lengthy passages and some very cheesy ones. But the overall experience is unique. I will have to get a second viewing in 2D to determine the impact of the stereoscopic 3D though. I wonder if the novelty of it made me undermine the flaws of the film… Was I so enthralled by the visual feast that I got lost in it? I must admit that during those lengthy moments, I was happy to just sit there and LOOK. The 3D is stunning. It’s like nothing I ever saw before. With Gollum, the Lord of the Rings introduced us to believable CG characters: definitely a milestone. But Avatar sets a whole new series of milestones. The lighting, the performance capture, the environments,…  it pushes every aspect of computer graphics to the next level.

If this is where the movie industry is headed then I am VERY excited to be in my line of work and I can’t wait to be part of something like this!


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